International Teachers Freight Service

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Decide what to take

Furniture usually proves too expensive to pack and freight unless you take a full seafreight container for your whole house contents. See our seafreight section on our home page for more information.

You should carry high value items such as laptop computers, cameras and such with you rather than send as cargo.

If you are going to a Muslim country DVDs, videos, books, etc may be closely examined by customs officials. Materials offensive to Islam may be confiscated e.g. alcohol, pictures of naked or semi-clad people or swearing on CD's can cause difficulties. Any additional charges relating to examination or loss due to seizure is not covered in our freight or insurance charges.

The same restrictions apply for "Dangerous Goods in Passenger Baggage" as freight. So camping gas, paints, matches, chemicals, aerosols or other compressed gas, explosives (flares, fireworks) are best not taken as cargo. Dangerous Goods can be taken but require specialist packing and additional charges so we suggest they not be taken unless necessary.

Please click here to read more about Dangerous Goods.

All cargo is x-rayed by the airlines.