International Teachers Freight Service

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It is not advisable for your consignment to arrive before you do unless you have been specifically told so. Customs may require your passport and work/residency permit to enable your effects to be imported free of import duty or taxes. This is a requirement in China and Kenya.

It is difficult to keep up to date with customs requirements in every country in the world and you should check with the organisation you are joining to ensure you will have any required permits to enable you to clear your effects. If we know we will tell you or will try to find out.

Where required permits may not be available until after your arrival, we will hold your effects in our warehouse free of charge and will forward when you tell us you are ready.

You will have to clear your effects through Customs if we are shipping to seaport or airport only. It may be something you can do yourself or there will be customs brokers who will do this for you. If we have quoted a price to your door we will appoint a broker to clear for you.