International Teachers Freight Service

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Packing your shipment

The next step is to pack your shipment. The cheapest method is to pack the shipment yourself into strong cartons. Hi-Fi, televisions, desktop computers, monitors etc should be packed into the manufacturer’s packaging if you still have it. If not, electrical shops usually have spare cartons they are pleased to give away rather than paying for disposal. Bicycles should also be packed into cartons – same with bike shops.

Books, clothing and toiletries should be ok in strong cartons, suitcases, tea chests, or trunks. Please do not use the plastic type boxes purchased from supermarkets/DIY stores. These boxes are not designed for international transport, and are not strong enough.

A range of industrial strength plastic transit cases may be purchased from: Plastor Sales, Tel:01628 829800, Fax:01628 822366,

If required we can repack or overpack your effects onto treated wooden pallets or custom made wooden cases. Many countries now require wood packing materials to be treated to kill any insect or spores from being imported. An extra charge will be made.

We usually palletise and shrink wrap shipments going by sea for extra protection for which there is a small charge. Airfreight usually doesn't require overpacking if the boxes/cartons are sufficient.

Please mark each box with your name and school/organisation, C/O: BROOKLANDS INTERNATIONAL, AIRPORT HOUSE, KINGS MILL LANE, SOUTH NUTFIELD, SURREY, RH1 5JY. We will address your shipment to its final destination. The reason is we may use couriers to collect from you and we only want them to bring to us not to send to your country of destination they would charge several times our rates.