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Packing lists

Make a list of the effects you pack in each box/carton numbering the cartons and showing the carton number on your list. When your consignment arrives in the country of destination, Customs will want to know what is inside your packages. The packing list should clearly state the contents but doesn’t have to be detailed too much e.g. Carton No 1 – 40 Books, you don’t need to list every title.

If you are insuring your effects, the insurers will also require you to show the replacement value of the items in each box. We suggest you do one list with values to send to the insurers and one without, to send with the consignment for custom clearance. In most countries personal effects are allowed in free of import duty or local taxes (sometimes you require a work permit for this – check with your School or Mission) but handing a list with values to a local Customs Officer may encourage a request for duty or tax to be paid.

English language lists are acceptable in most parts of the world but a Spanish translation will speed up customs clearance if going to South America (Portuguese to Brazil). You do not need a separate page for each box. You can make your own lists or use our layout – see Step 8 - Documentation.