International Teachers Freight Service

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Other than your packing lists we need "Shipping Instructions"

For consignments to USA please see the specific forms required. Forms can be downloaded from the menu on the left. Put all your documents into an envelope and attach it to box number one.


The air waybill (awb) travels with your goods to the airport of destination. You will be notified of the awb number, the airline and the flight your consignment is booked for. Before going to the airport check with the airline the goods have arrived as the booking is given by the airline as an intention and is not a guarantee. A very high percentage of cargo is flown as booked but not all. Most Airlines have web track and trace.

We will send an Original and copies of the Bills of Lading to you. The Original Bill must be submitted to the shipping line or their handling agents at the port of destination to obtain release of your cargo.

If you are using a customs clearance agent, they will usually take care of this for you. If you are handling the clearance yourself you may have to submit a copy of the Bill of Lading to the local Customs.

Important - once your goods have arrived, you should clear customs and collect as soon as possible, as airports and container depots only allow a short time before charging storage.