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Pick and Pack Services in Surrey and Nationwide

Brooklands International Freight Services are a Surrey-based logistics company that offers a range of order fulfilment services, which includes pick and pack ( sometimes known as pick packing), for commercial customers. As a business, we have grown exponentially to become one of the most trusted names for pick and pack fulfilment, offering scalable solutions that ensure customers receive the products they have ordered on time and in excellent condition.

Our years of experience and access to state-of-the-art technology means we can integrate our pick and pack process with freight transportation and courier services to design a seamless supply chain that drives your business forward.

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Expert Pick and Pack Fulfilment Surrey

Pick and pack is a two-step process that gets your products from the warehouse to the customer and involves:

We have highly trained operatives who work efficiently around the needs of your business, delivering pick and pack services to the highest standards. As a business, we realise the importance of getting this vital part of your supply chain running seamlessly. That’s why we utilise all our resources to mitigate human error and keep your customers satisfied.

Pick and pack services are designed to streamline your fulfilment method and can be tailored to the size of your business operation. We understand the successful integration of pick and pack depends on a high level of accuracy so that customers receive the correct item to the correct address and in good condition.

We take the time to get to know your business so we can best plan how to implement our fulfilment methods and always keep the lines of communication open. Our operatives are highly experienced in providing pick and pack services and have built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness that our customers can readily attest to.

Why Choose Brooklands International Freight Services?

There are several reasons why customers trust us with pick and pack fulfilment:

We have been in the freight forwarding business for over 40 years

We are founder members of the Conqueror network, an elite group of independent freight companies with operations in 140 countries, 259 cities employing 14,575 people

We are independently run

We are members of BIFA (British International Freight Association),  IATA (International Air transport Association) and FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarding Associations)

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